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Portgreenhomes specializes in building energy-efficient, architecturally pleasing homes. Our tagline really means what it says: "Timeless Design, Radical Efficiency." "Timeless design" because most onlookers will have a tough time telling whether our homes are new or just tastefully remodeled. They meld seemlessly with the Classic Craftsman and Bungalow styles prevalent in and around Port Washington, WI. "Radically efficient" because these homes are dramatically more energy efficient than their earlier counterparts, and most new homes as well. When you pay the utility bill, you'll see the difference. We use low maintenance, high quality materials, so you'll see a difference in your upkeep cost as well.
How do we do that? Meticulous attention to detail and careful site planning. Tremendous gains have been made in energy-efficient building materials and techniques. The careful installation of these materials sets us apart. It's our passion. And it's what makes the difference between a drafty, cold house and a warm, efficient home. In our climate, there is no greater bang for the buck than siting your home to maximize solar gain and minimize cold north winds. These factors are given the proper attention in every home we build.

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What's HERS?

You may notice when looking at the houses on this website, there is something called a HERS Score listed in the description. What exactly does this score mean? Think of it as a "MPG" rating for a house. The lower the score, the less energy the house uses. A house that uses no energy would have a score of zero. Our houses usually score in the 40's or low 50's, which is quite efficient. Read more...